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Sid Anwar's work on the Hamaca Project was ranked "Best-in-Class" by IPA.

What are VIPs

VIPs are focused activities that have been identified by industry as contributing to “Best-in-Class” project performance.  Independent Project Analysis (IPA) Inc, a world class independent benchmarking organization has identified 12 VIPs that increase the value of capital assets by selecting: 

  •     Better Technologies

  •     Simplifying Processes

  •     Eliminating Non-Critical Items

  •     Increasing Reliability

  •     Facilitating Project Execution  

Each VIP targets a different area for potential improvement.  To maximize the benefits, the VIPs must be implemented at appropriate project phase and as early as possible in that phase.

VIP Objectives

The objective of the VIPs is to provide the best value at the least cost without compromising safety, quality, reliability, operability and maintainability of the project.

VIP Benefits

Benchmarking information indicates that the average capital cost of a project can be reduced 10% when VIP are used in conjunction with Best Practical Front-End Loading.  This data also indicates that the 10% capital cost reduction can be achieved without compromising safety, quality, operability or maintainability. 

IPA - Recommended VIP's

  •     Technology Selection

  •     Classes of Facility Quality (Project Value Objectives)

  •     Minimizing Standards and Specifications/Practices

  •     Process Simplification

  •     Waste Minimization

  •     Process Reliability Modeling

  •     Design to Capacity

  •     Predictive Maintenance

  •     Constructability

  •     Energy Optimization

  •     Value Engineering

  •     3-D CAD Design



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