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Value  Engineering  Benefits

Whether you are in the Process, Petrochemical, Power, Manufacturing, Engineering/Construction, Government or Service Industries, Value Engineering ensures the following benefits, using CSI's proven methodology and a cross-functional team approach:

  • VE is a proactive results oriented methodology that "adds value" to products and services.  It is not a suggestion program.

  • VE provides high returns on your investment.

  • VE reduces capital and life cycle costs.

  • VE provides "Performance / Productivity / Quality" improvements.

  • VE reduces time to market / improves project schedules.

  • VE provides a step change rather than just an incremental  change in your business.

  • VE methodology provides the tools and creates an environment for your project teams to find creative and cost effective solutions to complex technical and organizational problems.

  • VE improves Managements decision-making capabilities by presenting alternative solutions to a problem.  You are not stuck with one solution to a problem.

  • VE is an effective means to promote and manage change within an organization.

  • VE is a powerful team building process and creativity tool.  Conditions participants to think, “outside-the-box.” 

  • VE is an excellent alignment tool between your customer’s needs and the design teams.

  • VE teaches you to do the "Right" job, TQM helps you to do the job "Right."

  • VE is the key to “Best-in-Class” performance.

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