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Value Engineering (VE), Value Management (VM) and Value Analysis (VA) are terms that refer to function oriented problem-solving techniques that have been successfully applied by CSI world-wide to improve performance, quality, optimize capital and life cycle costs and “add value” to products and services. 

Value Engineering is a rigorous and systematic examination of both products and services to eliminate “non-value” adding costs through “teamwork.”  The CSI technique utilizes cross-functional teams in a creative workshop environment to study such areas as designs, manufacturing processes, construction and administrative procedures.  The CSI unique problem-solving technique is utilized to analyze product / process designs, engineering concepts or construction approaches.  It is not limited to the capital cost of the project, but extends to evaluate the overall life cycle costs as well.

        The objectives of Value Engineering (VE) activities are to:

  • Design and build the most cost effective products and services consistent with required performance, reliability, quality and safety.

  • Achieve the “best value” at the lowest life-cycle costs.

  • Train our Clients to reuse the Value Methodology on a continuous long-term basis.

CSI presents a unique methodology and the opportunity to our Clients to make a step change, not just an incremental change in the way they do their business.  We help our Clients to build creative and more productive teams by using their project personnel in teams during the VE workshop process.

CSI's approaches Value Engineering as not a review process, but a creative and a clean sheet approach to find innovative solutions that optimize the cost and performance of a product or service without sacrificing our Clients values, goals and objectives.

CSI offers a unique partnership with our Clients in creative thinking to help them identify, document and implement the "best value" solutions.


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